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  • The Grand Adventure of Tom and John 

  • Tommers


1623-- Young Charles Stuart, the Prince of Wales, slips out of fractious Britain and rides in disguise to Madrid, hoping to wed the Princess of Spain, bring peace to Europe and secure a rich dowry for the nearly bankrupt realm of his father, King James.

Beset by court intrigue and personal rivalries, the prince discovers the limits of his own gallant ideals and sets his life on course to become King Charles I, the only monarch in British history to be executed by order of his Parliament.


Told as recalled by the crown’s Royal Jester, The Grand Adventure is a rollicking tale of bravery and betrayal that speaks to the adventurer in us all.

Staged reading presented at The Players Club in New York, October, 2016, directed by Stephanie Cunningham.


A bi-racial theatre troupe in present-day New York sets to rehearsing a play about the first black actor to perform in an all-white American theatre, appearing in the most popular play of the late 19th Century, the stage version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.


As they delve into the play and its history, the actors and director are forced to confront the differences that wedge them apart and draw them together - differences not only of race but of class, nationality, family history, gender and personal ambition.


Tommers, at its heart, is a love story of two young couples struggling to break free from their own prejudices and from the slavery of expectations.

Staged reading presented at The Players Club in New York, November, 2014, directed by Joseph Discher.

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