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"Reparations" James Sheldon's new play is coming to The Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn. Running October 25th to November 24, 2019

Recent Reviews of Reparations

"WHAT'S THE STORY?" the thread that runs through the life and work of James Sheldon. From his time as a newspaper and magazine reporter, when he sought to “get the scoop”and tell the story as it had just happened, to a long stint as a stock market investor, trying to predict the story of a company’s financial future, James has always been a storyteller. 


Since 2007, as a playwright with eight professional productions of his work, including two in London, he has been writing his own stories.

"4 Stars  - Pugnacious, provocative writing"

— Sam Marlowe, The Times. Review of Shiverman

May 2012


Last week I did an interview for WBGO radio, along with my director and lead actor, about my new play, Reparations. The interview highlights the controversies embedded in the play.

You can listen to the interview by clicking on the post.

J. Sheldon


The Plays

James has written eight plays since 2007, revealing the mythic in the mundane in a variety of settings from a remote Pacific island to the former Soviet Union to a secret federal facility for notorious white-collar criminals.

His plays have been produced in London ("A Model For Mankind" & "Shiverman"), the Hudson Valley, New York ("3-Hole Punch" and "The Bonus Room") and Pittsburgh ("Often As The Moon").

If you'd like to learn more, feel free to contact James with questions, comments or ideas.


Billie Holiday Theater November 2019